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Pool Blocks Algicide

POOL BLOCKS All SEASONS ALGICIDE is an extra strength, slow release solid tablet algicide suitable for all chlorine and salt water pools. Eliminating all forms of green, mustard and Blackspot algae to deliver outstanding results in harsh environments. Sold since 1978 they have become one of Australia's most sold Premium Algicide Products.

POOL BLOCKS are used by commercial pools, hotels and local governments to control algae. They contain more than twice the active ingredient of most standard competitor products to ensure the longest possible treatment period.

Using POOL BLOCKS regularly prevents Blackspot Algae and stops your pool from turning green when chlorine levels fall. Making pool care simple while saving you money.

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  • Blackspot, Mustard & Green Algae Killer
  • Eliminate Algae from Walls, Grouting & Steps
  • Reduce Chlorine Consumption
  • Handy Monthly Slow Release Tablet
  • Ideal for Salt or Chlorine Pools
  • Long Life Algicide for Summer & Winter
  • Makes Pool Water Sparkling Clear

POOL BLOCKS eliminate all forms of green, mustard and Blackspot algae in all fibreglass, vinyl, tiled, painted and pebble swimming pools. Once all algae is eliminated from the pool, less chlorine is needed to maintain sanitiser levels as the chlorine is free to perform it's principal task of killing bacteria. Salt chlorinator and filter running times are reduced saving electricity as the water stays sparkling clear as all algae is eliminated even if the chlorine level falls.

In an average 50,000 litre pool, add two (2) POOL BLOCKS to the skimmer basket followed by just one (1) per calendar month to provide long term protection. This unique 'once a month' application provides a constant low level of algicide all year round and an ideal 'first step' in your pool care. In larger pools around 75,000 litres simply add three (3) POOL BLOCKS initially followed by one (1) POOL BLOCK every three weeks for excellent results.

The key to POOL BLOCKS is that the pool is protected from algae all year round as a first line of defence as algae problems occur readily in untreated pools. Chlorine is a short term treatment to kill bacteria and lost within hours, leaving pools exposed to algae growth. Research shows that a low level of free chlorine is more effective in combination with an algicide, than chorine alone. For best results, keep the pH 7.2 and 7.6, which is a simple task in most pools where surfaces are pH neutral.

POOL BLOCKS 1.5 Kg contains 5 x 300g tablets last around five months in an average pool. POOL BLOCKS 0.6 Kg contains 2 x 300g tablets.

Pool Drops Algicide

Pool Drops Algicide

POOL DROPS PLUS is an extra strength, long term algicide compatible with salt water, ozone, ultraviolet and chlorine outdoor pools. It eliminates all forms of green, mustard and blackspot algae delivering outstanding results in harsh environments. An excellent treatment for pools with alkaline surfaces such as concrete, marble sheen, plaster & pebblecrete.

POOL DROPS PLUS are used by commercial pools, hotels and local governments to control algae. They contain twice the active ingredient of most standard competitor products. They give long term protection. Using POOL DROPS PLUS regularly prevents Blackspot Algae and stops your pool from turning green.

Making pool care simple while saving you money.

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  • Blackspot, Mustard & Green Algae Killer
  • Eliminate Algae from Walls, Grouting & Steps
  • Reduce Chlorine Consumption
  • Handy Once a Season Dosing Liquid
  • Ideal for Salt, Chlorine, UV & Ozone Pools
  • Long Life Algicide for Summer & Winter
  • Makes Pool Water Sparkling Clear

Once all the algae is eliminated from the pool, less chlorine is needed to maintain sanitiser levels as the chlorine is free to perform it's principal task of killing bacteria. Salt chlorinator and filter running times are reduced saving electricity. Yor water will stay sparkling clear eliminating algae when chlorine levels fall.

POOL DROPS PLUS has a twice the active ingredient at 60g/L compared to just 25 - 28g/L of some standard products. This concentrated formulation is blended with special complexing agents to create a stable algicide formulation which is highly resistant to chlorine break down, UV light, high water temperatures and pH levels.

POOL DROPS PLUS are effective over the widest possible pH range and perform brilliantly where others fail, such as alkaline pool surfaces, concrete, pebblecrete and marblesheen.

They work exceptionally well in all pools where a long term, 'once a season' application is preferred. As an all seasons product, they are both an effective Winteriser in the non-swimming months and chlorine saver in the summer. Chlorine sanitisers are either added to the pool or produced by salt chlorination.

Simply pour POOL DROPS PLUS around the deep end of the pool and mark the date of application to keep track of the treatment. Looking after your pool could not be more simple. They also work well in spas, water features and fountains for a long term algae treatment in many applications.

POOL DROPS Plus 1.0 L container lasts an entire season in an average pool.



A Natural Biological Treatment for Ponds, Lakes, Dams and Aquariums.

Waterblocs are a specially formulated porous mineral substrate containing multiple nutrients to promote the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria when immersed in aquatic water systems.

Colonies of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria produce enzymes that consume organic waste, ammonia and unwanted nutrients that cause cloudy water that can deplete oxygen levels essential for aquatic life in a well balanced ecosystem. They will reduce the frequency of water changes in fish farms and aquariums. Ponds and lakes are dosed at the start of each season.

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Biodegradable porous mineral substrate with ZEOLITE* Helps prevent oxygen depletion and precipitate organic matter Contains multiple organic and mineral nutrients for bacterial colonies Promotes rapid growth of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria Stimulates anaerobic bacteria growth for sludge reduction Promotes aerobic bacteria to consume excessive nutrients Buffers pH and adsorbs ammonia and dissolved heavy metals Suitable in salt or fresh water for all fish, plants and organisms Companion Sponge & Flotation Netting System Water bodies clogged with decaying organic matter and sludge become oxygen depleted creating a toxic bottom layer of stagnant water unsuitable for fish and aquatic organisms. Waterblocs TM contain *ZEOLITE that has a unique atomic microcellular structure to increase internal substrate surface area and chemically adsorb ammonia and natural trace elements providing additional nutrients for colonies of beneficial bacteria that restore water balance. Waterblocs do not support combustion and have a long storage life. Depending on where Waterblocs are suspended within a water column they will encourage the growth of a broad spectrum of aerobic bacteria in upper surface layers and in the absence of oxygen, anaerobic bacteria in fish toxic lower regions. Enzymes produced reduce sludge without undesirable by-products including smelly hydrogen sulphide and methane gases.For International International Customers please contact us on email. For Commercial applications please follow link to our YooVee web site



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For Smaller Dams please download brochure from link above

For Larger Lakes and Dams please see Commercial Information for a MAXI-BLOCS TREATMENT GRID for 900m2 on our YooVee website at


MAXI-BLOCS Lake Pack 4.8kg (US 10lb9oz): 4 X 1.2Kg Maxi-Blocs (US 4 X 2lb10oz)
4 X Sponges
10m (US 11yards) of Netting
2 X Floats

MULTI_BLOCS Jar 800g (US 28oz):
4 x 200g Multi-Blocs (US 4 X 7oz)
2 x Sponges
2m (US 7feet) of Netting
1 Float

MINI-BLOCS Jar 200g (US 7oz):
10 x 20g Mini-Blocs (US 10 X 0.7oz)

SeriouStain Remover

SeriouStain Remover

Heavy Duty SERIOUSTAIN REMOVER eliminates mineral discolouration and organic stains from pools & spa surfaces without draining the water. Potent organic acids combined with powerful chelating agents dissolve mineral stains such as iron, calcium, manganese etc. Plus stains from algae, dead blackspot, leaves and other organic material are also removed. It is a DIY pool treatment suitable for all vinyl, fibreglass, concrete and pebblecrete pool & spa surfaces

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  • DIY Pool Treatment
  • Removes Organic & Mineral Staining
  • No Need to Drain Water

The product is easy to use, simply backwash the filter and turn off the pump, then add 2 x 1.25 Kg containers in an average 50,000 litre pool and leave stand for two to three days. To boost the performance of the treatment, first add some hydrochloric acid to lower the pH of the pool, which allows the SERIOUSTAN REMOVR to be most effective in removing stubborn mineral deposits. Suitable for all pools, this treatment removes all minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, manganese and also is effective at removing dead blackspot stains after a treatment with our unique algicide products POOL BLOCKS or POOL DROPS Plus.

SeriouStain Inhibitor

SeriouStain Inhibitor

SERIOUSTAIN INHIBITOR helps prevent staining by "Locking up" mineral discolouration caused by dissolved metals, bore water and iron leaching etc. Especially in heated pools where metals plate out easily onto the walls and floor. It contains no phosphate based acids that provide nutrient for algae unlike other products. Regular use also prevents scale build up on salt chlorinator electrodes. It is suitable for all pool & spa types. For high metal concentrations use after treatment with the SeriouStain Remover to chelate excess metals.

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  • Prevent Mineral Staining
  • Suitable for Bore Water
  • Removes Fresh Stains

It is easy to use, simply add directly to the pool water every six to twelve months to complex dissolved minerals and prevent staining. Suitable for all pools, it is an essential treatment where bore water is used to top up swimming pools, in especially in areas of high mineral hardness and where staining has occurred in the past. To remove existing mineral stains, follow a treatment with SERIOUSTAIN REMOVER to dissolve wall based minerals into solution and then use SERIOUSTAIN INHIBITOR to keep these minerals in solution and off pool surfaces.

SpotBloc Stain Eraser

SpotBloc Stain Eraser

SPOTBLOC is a Unique Spot Stain Removal Chalk that dissolves metal and organic stains from underwater surfaces. Ideal for removing the waterline scum mark or any other underwater spot stains. SPOTBLOC is a blend of Special Acids and Chelating Agents with Block Technology.

The BLOCK HOLDER is a great tool to reach stains if they are at the pool bottom or the water is too cold.

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  • Simply Rub on Powerful Chalk
  • Remove Calcium Scum Line
  • Remove Annoying Organic and Metal Stains
  • Use the Block Holder & Algaebrush

Identify the stains to be removed and you will need to be able to reach the stain with your hands or use the Block Holder. Then simply rub SPOTBLOC on to the stain. Use a criss-cross pattern to build up a thin layer of SPOTBLOC's unique stain removing chalk over the stain. Check stain after 24 hours and reapply if necessary, severe or old stains may require several treatments. When finished place SPOTBLOC in a safe place away from children to dry before putting back into the container.

Oxyclear Oxygen Shock

Oxyclear Oxygen Shock

OXYCLEAR Shock Treatment is a potent chlorine free oxygen based shock treatment for all swimming pools and spas. Use OXYCLEAR to restore peak water quality by breaking down chloramines and other sanitiser by-products as well as burning away organic contamination. OXYCLEAR is the simplest and most effective way to shock treat pools and spas. OXYCLEAR is the perfect companion for ionisers, UV, ozone and traditional chlorine and bromine systems.

  • Oxygen Shock Treatment - Chlorine Free
  • Oxidises Wastes and Sanitiser By-Products
  • Restores Water Sparkle
  • Recycles Bromine in Spas
  • Makes Chlorine Chemically in Salt Water Pools
  • Non Bleaching & Odourless

Large doses of expensive chlorine were required in the past to 'burn out' sanitiser by products such as chloramine and bromamine, however such harsh chlorine treatments makes pool water unusable for days. OXYCLEAR was first developed for commercial pools as this fast and effective treatment uses a mild oxygen compound (monopersulphate) to oxidise residues and the water can be used immediately as there is no taste or smell to the treatment. It quickly breaks down organic contaminants such as chloramine, bromamine, trihalomethane (a carcinogen) as well as organic oils, sunscreens and other biological contaminants.

This makes OXYCLEAR ideal in the swimming months where the pool or spa is used daily. Several oxygen based shock treatments contain inert fillers such as sodium bicarbonate or are based on alkaline compounds such as sodium carbonate (soda ash) which dramatically lifts the pH of the water. OXYCLEAR is 100% active ingredient and does not interfere with the pH. For swimming pools add 500g per 50,000 litres each month or in spas, add 50g per 1,000 litres after each use. The product is packaged in a large 1.5 Kg for economy and provides many months treatment in both pools and spas. The product regenerates free chlorine in salt pools, however OXYCLEAR is not an approved sanitiser so always maintain recommended sanitiser levels when swimming.

Pool & Spa Flocculant

Pool & Spa Flocculant

POOL & SPA FLOCCULANT POTABLE is an Effective Drinking Water Approved Coagulant for cleaning dirty, cloudy or green pool or tank water. It can be used to Floc or drop all debris to the pool floor for vacuuming.

When used at half strength acts as a long term water clarifier and a highly effective sand filter aid also suitable for cartridge and DE filters. POOL & SPA FLOCCULANT POTABLE is a versatile coagulant that binds fine particles together for removal in all pools, spas and drinking water tanks.

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  • Potable Grade
  • Not pH dependant
  • Flocculant or Clarrifier

Fine particles of dust and debris in the water are coagulated into much larger 'clumps' which are then trapped in the filtration system, which is especially the case in sand filters where fine particles can otherwise pass through. The product is Drinking Water (potable) Approved and can be used as per directions to clear tanks and dams.

Simply add diluted in a bucket or directly, either through the skimmer box with the filter running, adding superior clarity to the water. The results are especially visible at night with the pool light operating as the water looks like a 'sheet of glass'.

The product is not broken down by chlorine, UV or sunlight and as such, each treatment lasts up to six months. Better still, there is no 'drop out effect' of material on the floor of the pool so no vacuuming is required after treatment, just regular backwashing.

YooVee UV Steriliser

YooVee UV Steriliser

YooVee Ultraviolet CRS1E 180 L/min is a commercial ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection, mixing and aeration system. It is easy to install, operate and maintain. UV water treatment is a natural and efficient way to eliminate all harmful water borne Pathogenic (disease causing) Micro-organisms including all bacteria, viruses & protozoa.

YooVee is a Chemical Reduction System (CRS) that will reduce health risks associated with residues or chemical by-products from other chemical water treatment methods such as Chloramines. Aeration assists with oxygenation and pH control.

We use the same natural germicidal UV light as that produced by the sun. Untreated water is directed into the YooVee CRS1E chamber where the UV light penetrates and rearranges all the micro-organism's DNA preventing them from reproducing. If the cell cannot reproduce it is considered to be dead.

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  • Ultraviolet Mixing & Aeration Chamber
  • Kills 99.9% Germs at 180 L/m
  • Affordable & Effective


Powerful 254nm UV light destroys 99.9% of all water borne pathogens (germs) at a flow rate of 180L/min at 200kPa. Manifold for larger flows. (NATA Certified).

The electrical control box and chamber assembly are weatherproof for outdoor installations.

Tough and resistant polycarbonate chamber allows for safe visual monitoring of the UV lamp, aeration and water quality.

Installation is easy and completed by mounting the YooVee chamber and control box with brackets supplied. Plumb the water inlet & outlet before plugging in the power supply to finish.

Unique chamber design increases turbulence forcing water to pass close to the UV light 15 times enhancing UV irradiation. The unique Hydrodynamic flow reduces particulate matter from shading or blinding the pathogenic micro-organisms from the UV light. Making it suitable for non filtered and high turbidity water treatment applications.

The optional venturi allows for inline aeration. This combined with the chamber's unique hydrodynamic mixing action allows for ozone and other chemicals to be injected and fully dispersed into the treated water.

NATA CERITIFIED TESTING Kills 99.9% of Pathogens at 180 L/min

Testing Kits

Testing Kits

Simple Pool Care requires Accurate Water Testing. Pool And Spa water that is correctly balanced will be easy to maintain and save you money on chemical costs.

AquaChek Test Strips for fast and Convenient Testing.

4 in 1 Test Kit for Comprehensive Testing with Acid and Alkilinity Demand.

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  • 15 Second Test Strips
  • 4 in 1 Comprehensive Test Kit
  • Download our Test Sheet pdf

AquaChek® YELLOW contains 50 Test Strips that test for Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid. They are as accurate as liquid test kits but faster and easier to use. AquaCheck® Test Strips are the worlds #1 brand of pool & spa test strips. The test pads on the strip change colour to indicate the levels in your pool or spa water. Each bottle contains an informational insert that provides some basic information about water chemistry. The water treatment tables will help you use your test results to adjust your water properly.

4 in 1 Test Kit contains everything you need for a comprehensive Free Chlorine / Bromine, pH & Total Alkilinity test. In addition, the 4 in 1 Test Kit accurately calculates the amount of Acid or Alkily(Sodium Bicarbonate) that you need to add to your pool or spa water to achieve correct water balance. Liquid test kits may take a few more minutes but deliver excellent results.

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